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Inventory compilation

Inventory Compilation

Our professionally trained clerks will compile a detailed inventory report of the entire property, before the start of a tenancy. This critical document forms a baseline recording of the condition of the property.

Check in with new tenants

Check In

One of our experienced inventory clerks will meet the new tenant at the property and will work through the inventory with them, pointing out the condition and defects already noted.

Check out with tenants

Check Out

Equipped with the original inventory, our clerk will inspect the property and note any further defects and differences.
Interim Inspections for Landlords

Interim Inspections

Interim Inspections are normally carried out every three months. The tenant should be advised of this at the start of the tenancy, by the landlord or agent.

Snagging from Attic Inventory


Attic Inventory Limited offers a snagging service to owners of new properties and this service takes place before the main contractor “hands over” the property to the owner or the owner’s agent.

Inventory Report Service in the Greater London Area
Welcome to Attic Inventory

ttic Inventory Limited is an independent inventory service provider in London and surrounding areas. Our mission is to assist in effective property management, by conducting thorough property inspections and providing comprehensive inventory reports and snagging reports. We personally inspect all properties, meet with tenants and conduct the inspections ourselves - ensuring that all inventory reports are complete, accurate, unbiased and legally sound.

Inventory Reports

We are mindful of the needs of our clients and we appreciate that property owners, agents and tenants just don’t have the time to work through and try to understand complex reports.

Client Testimonial

Can I just say that this inventory was extremely thorough! And it was one of the best I have seen.
- Frankie C


Please send your property details, along with the desired appointment date and time, and someone from of our team will get back to you to confirm details and attendance.