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Save yourself time, money and hassle with an inventory
Your property is a valuable asset. However, there are various factors that can negatively impact on its value during a tenancy. From accidents and negligence to willful damage and maintenance issues, you can help protect your investment by taking proactive measures at the start of the tenancy.
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Is your rental property ready for occupation?
Ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned, well presented and safe for your tenants to move into. Not just because it’s the decent thing to do, but because you can expect your tenants to hand over your property in that same condition at the end of their tenancy. This makes life a lot easier for you as the landlord.
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There’s no disputing the facts
For all properties rented on an assured shorthold tenancy – this is the most common form of tenancy – landlords are required to pay the tenant’s deposit into a TDP (Tenancy Deposit Protection) scheme. The deposit must be paid into the scheme within 30 days of receipt from the tenant.
The primary intention with this is to protect the interests of tenants who might come up against a difficult landlord at the end of the tenancy. Should a deposit-related dispute arise, the scheme’s adjudicators are available and often called upon for resolution.
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What you need to know about fair wear and tear
What is fair wear and tear? By law, a landlord cannot charge a tenant for “fair wear and tear”, which is defined as the ‘reasonable use of the premises by the tenant and the ordinary operation of natural forces’. But the real question does not concern the definition of fair wear and tear. We actually need to define what is reasonable – and this is often more complicated than it should be.
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Providing defensible evidence during tenancy disputes
When it comes to tenancy disputes over deposits, adjudicators are not biased toward the landlord or the tenant. However, since the deposit does belong to the tenant, it is up to the landlord to provide sound evidence to prove that he has suffered a loss due to the tenant not meeting his obligations as stipulated in the tenancy agreement.
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