The 'Check In' (Moving In Inspection) in Greater London

The Check In is done at the start of each new tenancy. One of our experienced inventory clerks will meet the new tenant at the property and will work through the inventory with them, pointing out the condition and defects already noted. Any additional comments or concerns raised by the tenant will also be recorded.

At the end of the Check In, a Summary Sheet will be completed. This details the cleanliness of the property. Meter readings will be taken and any keys to be handed to the tenant will be listed. The tenant then signs a declaration and summary of the property condition. Finally, several photographs will be taken of every room.

In some cases, the Inventory Compilation and Check In will be done simultaneously. In this situation, a time sensitive digital version of the inventory with scans of the Schedule of Condition will be sent to the tenant. The tenant then has the opportunity to make alterations (to which our clerk must agree).

Once the full document has been signed and approved by our clerk, it forms part of the tenancy agreement.

For more information about our Check In inspection service for landlords and new tenants in Greater London and surrounding areas, contact us today.

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