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Your property is a valuable asset. However, there are various factors that can negatively impact on its value during a tenancy. From accidents and negligence to willful damage and maintenance issues, you can help protect your investment by taking proactive measures at the start of the tenancy.

Why tenancy agreements are not enough
It’s not uncommon for even the best landlord/tenant relationship to take strain at some point during the tenancy. This is why it’s considered best practice to ensure that the performance requirements of both parties are clearly documented upfront, by way of a tenancy agreement.
However, while tenancy agreements are commonplace, many landlords fail to complete a comprehensive inventory report to record the state of the property and its fittings. Without this documented proof, it becomes incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to enforce any tenancy agreement clauses that relate to the condition of the property.

Failure to complete an inventory report can therefore put both parties at risk of unnecessary financial loss.

A great start to the tenancy
With a professional inventory report, all aspects related to the condition of the property are fairly assessed and recorded. Both parties have the opportunity to review the complete report and raise any concerns. Once agreed and signed, the inventory report then forms the baseline document for all future matters relating to the condition of the property.

Minimising disputes
Disputes relating to the condition of the property are most common at the end of a tenancy. As a landlord, retaining a deposit is oftentimes problematic and tenants are likely to take legal action. Recovering the costs of damages that exceed the value of the deposit might even be impossible. However, with a professional inventory in place, disputes are rare – and when they do arise, they tend to be settled quickly and easily.

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