Inventory Reports Greater London | Is your rental property ready for occupation?

Ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned, well presented and safe for your tenants to move into. Not just because it’s the decent thing to do, but because you can expect your tenants to hand over your property in that same condition at the end of their tenancy. This makes life a lot easier for you as the landlord.

Take the time to check and complete the following points, before your initial inventory visit:

Furnished properties
It is the responsibility of the landlord to repair and replace all appliances and furniture included in the tenancy agreement. Ensure that all items are clean and in good working order, and provide clear instructions for the correct use and care of each. If you wish for your tenants to use surface protectors for tables and counters, covers for seating and/or mattress protectors, these should be provided.

By law, all upholstered and padded furniture, as well as anything that contains a filling (sofas, cushions, mattresses, etc) must display permanent certification / labels to indicate that they meet official fire resistant standards.

Floors prone to marks and scuffing
If your floor is likely to be damaged, scuffed or marked by furniture, it is advised that your tenancy agreement stipulates the use of furniture pads or castors. If you are letting your property as furnished, ensure that all tables, desks and chairs and other movable furniture is fitted with pads or castors, so that these may be easily moved for normal use and cleaning purposes.

You may also request that certain shoes (such as ladies’ heels) not be worn on certain surfaces – although there is always risk and your flooring decisions should therefore take the likely use of heels into account.

Cleaning and presentation
Ensure that the property is hygienically cleaned throughout, with a professional service for any carpet-cleaning. Windows should be cleaned inside and out. Ensure that surfaces are painted where necessary.

Maintenance and repairs
It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure the proper working order of all fittings and services included in the tenancy. These include electricity, gas, water, heating and sanitation.

Vents and extractors
If condensation and damp is a concern, ensure to leave instructions for tenants to use extractors or to leave vents open.

Gardens should be tidied and lawns mowed. Remove all weeds from beds and ensure that all hedges and shrubs are neatly trimmed. Garden ornaments should be safe and secure. Any garden furniture should be clean and safe to use.

If a tenant is required to maintain the garden, this should be stipulated in the tenancy agreement and it is then the responsibility of the landlord to provide the necessary equipment for this purpose.

Electrical Safety
It is required by law that all electrical installations and equipment conform to the Electrical Equipment Regulations of 1994. As such, it is a requirement that a fixed wiring test be carried out on any property over 10 years old. These tests must be carried out by a certified electrician who is employed by a statutory electrical company – or one registered with the NICEIC.

It is also required that any portable appliances have a portable appliance test. Gas fittings and equipment should be inspected / serviced, and a gas safety certificate issued by engineers employed by the statutory gas companies or engineers registered with CORGI.

Insuring your investment
It is advisable to arrange for Property Owner’s Liability and Public Liability Cover. Ensure that both the property as well as your contents are covered, and don’t forget to advise your insurer that you intend to let the property.

Meter readings
Ensure to provide your tenants with all location and access details, as well as reference numbers for all meters.

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