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The Inventory Process

A professional inventory compilation helps safeguard your most important asset in the event of a tenancy dispute, this is the Attic Inventory advantage. 

1 - Documentary Evidence

Establishing the condition of your property and contents at the start and end of a tenancy plays a vital role in the letting process. 

Damage to your assets may be caused in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Negligence

  • Accidents

  • Willful Damage

  • Time

Regardless of the reasons, as a landlord you want to ensure you and your tenants are on the same page and in agreement, duly noted by both parties.

2 - What’s Included?

A detailed property inventory will include information pertaining to: 

  • The fabric of the property

  • Property fixtures & fittings

  • The contents of the property

  • Outbuilding Information

  • The state of the garden

  • Damage issues

  • General cleanliness

3 - Legal Disputes

In the event of legal disputes with your tenant, the inventory acts as irrefutable evidence pertaining to the condition of your property and the contents therein. 

Failure to provide an accurate, detailed inventory report can have severe consequences and leave you without a leg to stand on should the case go to court. 

For example, you will not be allowed to withhold part or all of a tenant’s deposit in the event of a dispute if you do not have an inventory agreement in place.

Why Attic Inventory?

When compiling your inventory, we create a detailed description of everything in the property, including walls, flooring, lights, windows, etc.


Photos are recorded as evidence of every description to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding between you, your tenant and a possible adjudicator.

This is a detailed process and ideally requires the services of an experienced inventory clerk. 

Consider the time investment required to provide detailed reports, condition summaries and photographic evidence. 

Attic Inventory has refined this process over 15 years and can thus provide you with the peace of mind that your inventory compilation is delivered according to industry-best practices. 

Outsourcing this process relieves you of the burden of compiling the documentation correctly and is preferred by agents and tenants as you have shown good faith by using a third party, who is unbiased in their assessment.

How to Get Started?

Contact Attic Inventory today and schedule a date and time for a professional inventory clerk to compile your property critical documentation. 

Our clerks are available 6 days a week including after hours as required. 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping create a best-in-class inventory for your most valuable asset. 

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