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Aldgate Inventory Services

We provide a full-range of professional property inventory services in Aldgate, including:

Get in touch today and let's give you the best value on your house or flat in Aldgate. 

Protecting Your Aldgate Property

Creating a professional property inventory and conducting best-practices for Check-In and Check-Out services gives you the peace of mind that in the even of a tenant dispute, you have your basis covered. 

Failure to take these steps could result in bigger problems should you need to settle a dispute with your tenant in court, as then it is your word against theirs. 

At Attic Inventory we provide you with the very best property inventory services in Aldgate, and our professional inventory clerks make dealing with us a pleasure. 

Aldgate Property Values

Aldgate originally formed part of the defensive wall around the City of London and today is a popular area for tenants. 

Here's a snapshot of the property prices:

Average Property Value


Average House Price


The prices for properties in Aldgate increase significantly when greater than 1 bedroom, as can be seen from the average prices based on room count below. 

1   Bedroom - £471,786

2   Bedrooms - £871,429

3   Bedrooms - £912,500

Average Flat Price


Property Price Range

£375,000 - £1,850,000

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Aldgate Rental Prices

Below you can see the average rental prices for properties in Aldgate. 

When you need tenant inventory related services, contact us for a free quote. 

Average Rent Weekly


Rental Price Range pw

£230 - £870

Here you can see a snapshot of the Aldgate rental market prices based on the number of rooms in the property.

     Studio - £288pw

1   Bedroom - £414pw

2   Bedrooms - £547pw

3   Bedrooms - £687pw

4   Bedrooms - £560pw

If you require rental property inventory services in Aldgate, click the button below to get started. 

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