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Lewisham Inventory Services

Full-Service Property Inventory services in Lewisham including:

For the best value in all of Kent contact Attic Inventory today for your free quote. 

Lewisham Property Values

The Lewisham Property sales over the last year are summarised below to give you an idea of the market performance relative to your property. 

Average Property Value


Average House Price


The value of homes based on the number of bedrooms:

0   Bedrooms - £240,000

1   Bedroom - £296,068

2   Bedrooms - £421,538

3   Bedrooms - £482,143

4   Bedrooms - £725,000

5   Bedrooms - £1,875,000

6   Bedrooms - £702,500

7   Bedrooms - £950,000

Average Flat Price


Property Price Range

£215,000 - £4,350,000

If you own a house or flat in Lewisham and require inventory services, consider Attic Inventory first. 

Protecting Your Lewisham Property

Landlord and tenant relationships are more often than not satisfactory across the board, but occasions do exist when disputes arise and it's times like these when professional property inventory services are your saving grace. 

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of a tenant dispute due to willful or negligent damage to your property, your inventory compilation and mutually agreed Check-In documentation will serve as your burden of proof. 

Without this information, should you end up in a court of law, it will be your word against that of your tenant. 

For more than 10 years Attic Inventory has provided these services in Lewisham, and can help you get the most value and professional service in the industry. 

Contact us today for all your Lewisham Property Inventory needs. 

Lewisham Rental Prices

The property rental prices in Lewisham over the last year are reflected below for your information. 

Average Rent Weekly


Rental Price Range pw

£277 - £1,246

The prices for 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in Lewisham are closely related, but prices increase significantly if you require a large 5 or more bedroom house: 

1   Bedroom - £318pw

2   Bedrooms - £346pw

5+ Bedrooms - £1,246pw

Contact Attic Inventory for a free Property Inventory Quote in Lewisham. 

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