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Vauxhall Inventory Services

For best-in-class property inventory services in Vauxhall, including:

  • Inventory Compilation

  • Check-In and Check-Out

  • Inspections & Snagging

Contact Attic Inventory now to get stated. 

Protecting Your Vauxhall Property

Disputes with difficult tenants due to willful or negligent damage to your property are easily resolved with professional inventory compilation and Check-In documentation. 

Should you find yourself in a court of law this is your foundation of proof in your defence. 

Without professional documentation or with sub-par documentation you risk an unwanted outcome. 

Contact Attic Inventory today and you'll benefit from more than 10 years experience in the Vauxhall area. 

Vauxhall Property Values

Average property prices in Vauxhall over the last year: 

Average Property Value


Average House Price


Property prices based on the number of bedrooms: 

1   Bedroom - £527,138

2   Bedrooms - £932,460

3   Bedrooms - £903,462

4   Bedrooms - £1,350,000

5   Bedrooms - £1,700,000

Average Flat Price


Property Price Range

£250,000 - £3,000,000

If you require property inventory services for your Vauxhall house or flat, get in touch today. 

Vauxhall Rental Prices

The average rental prices in Vauxhall are:

Average Rent Weekly


Rental Price Range pw

£277 - £1,600

Rental property rates based on number of bedrooms: 

1   Bedroom - £429pw

2   Bedrooms - £657pw

3   Bedrooms - £821pw

4   Bedrooms - £635pw

5+ Bedrooms - £1,395pw

Get professional inventory management services in Vauxhall. 

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