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Docklands Inventory Services

When you're looking for Property Inventory Services in Docklands, consider Attic Inventory:

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Protecting Your Docklands Property

Renting your house or flat in Docklands means you'll need professional property inventory services to not only ensure a great Check-In or Check-Out experience for your tenants, but also to safeguard you in the even of a dispute. 

More often than not tenancy disputes are solved rationally, but should you find yourself in a court of law with a difficult tenant, your mutually agreed Check-In agreement with attached inventory compilation, will serve as your proof of defence. 

When you're ready to get started, make sure you only work with reputable inventory clerks who can provide the detailed reporting you need for your home or flat in Docklands. 

Docklands Property Values

Formerly part of the Port of London - at one time the worlds largest - the name London Docklands was first used in 1971.


Below you'll find some interesting stats on property prices in Docklands. 

Average Property Value


Average House Price


As you will note from the prices below, there is a steady increase from a studio apartment through to a four bedroom or bigger property in Docklands. 

     Studios - £435,167

1   Bedroom - £470,875

2   Bedrooms - £699,423

3   Bedrooms - £956,500

4+ Bedrooms - £1,050,000

Average Flat Price


Property Price Range

£117,500 - £2,100,000

If you need property inventory services for you home in Docklands, click the button below to get started. 

Docklands Rental Prices

The Docklands rental market industry average prices are listed below. 

When you need inventory services in Docklands for your properties, contact Attic Inventory. 

Average Rent Weekly


Rental Price Range pw

£260 - £2,600

Here are the Docklands rental prices based on the number of bedrooms in the property.

     Studio - £423pw

1   Bedroom - £489pw

2   Bedrooms - £548pw

3   Bedrooms - £815pw

4+ Bedrooms - £923pw

For more information on Docklands Property Inventory Services, click the button below to get started. 

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