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FREE Inventory Compilation*

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*Free Inventory compilation update on existing inventory

Greater London Inventory

3 Reasons to Choose Attic Inventory

  1. Professional Reports in 48hrs

  2. Fully Insured & Trusted

  3. Short Notice OK

If you have a studio or a 5+ bedroom house in the Greater London area, we help you with the best property inventory reporting and service in the business. 


Fast Reporting

Get a fast, professional reporting service with experienced staff on hand around greater London

Online Management

Easy access to reports on demand with an industry-leading reporting system for all properties

Short Notice

Inventory clerks available on short notice to service clients in the Greater London area

Detailed Images

All reports come with professional images to detail any areas of damage or concern that may arise

No Cancellation Fees

If you cancel more than 2 hours before your appointment, no fees apply.

Fully Insured

You get peace of mind when working with Attic Inventory as a fully insured London Inventory company

Single Document Reporting

Get concise and detailed reporting by an experienced inventory clerk including high quality images and descriptions of the property and its assets.

Detailed & Professional

Don't risk using a low-cost inventory clerk to represent your or your clients property, you need professional reports in the event of a dispute. 

Greater London Area

Get professional property inventory services across Greater London 6 days a week plus bank holidays.

15+ Years Experience

Highly qualified inventory clerks providing best-in-class service in the Greater London area means you get peace of mind and expert service.

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