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Barking Inventory Services

When you need Property Inventory Services in Barking, consider a full range of professional services including:

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Protecting Your Barking Property

As one of your premier investments, creating a professional Property Inventory compilation and conducting detailed Check-In and Check-Out services helps you in matters of tenant disputes. 

In the even your property in Barking is damaged through neglect or spite, disputes can be timely and costly affairs. 

Should you end up in a court of law your signed tenant agreements will be your foundation for defence.

To get a professional Inventory services in Barking, enquire by clicking the button below. 

Barking Property Values

Historically Barking was a parish in the county of Essex with a focus on farming and fishing. Today Barking is undergoing large regeneration efforts in the retail and commercial district. 

The average property prices in Barking:

Average Property Value


Average House Price


Below are the prices for properties in Barking based on the number of rooms. 

1   Bedroom - £379,474

2   Bedrooms - £721,561

3   Bedrooms - £1,193,452

4   Bedrooms - £1,844,583

5   Bedrooms - £3,750,000

6+ Bedrooms - £6,500,000

Average Flat Price


Property Price Range

£185,000 - £775,000

If you require property inventory services for your house or flat in Barking, click the button below to get started. 

Barking Rental Prices

Providing landlords and tenants with clear, transparent and professional Check-In and Check-Out services has been our job in Barking for more than 10 years. 


If you're changing homes or looking for investment properties, here are the average prices in Barking. 

Average Rent Weekly


Rental Price Range pw

£294 - £421

The rental prices in Barking by rooms: 

1   Bedroom - £298pw

2   Bedrooms - £362pw

3   Bedrooms - £421pw

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