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Professional Inventory Services

We provide a full range of professional property inventory services in the greater London area. 

With more than 15 years experience we're confident in our ability to service you to the highest standard and our inventory clerks are available on short notice and after hours as your needs require. 


Professionally trained clerks will compile a detailed inventory report of the entire property before the start of a tenancy, providing a baseline recording of the property's condition


Check In

An experienced inventory clerk will meet the new tenant at the property and will work through the inventory with them, pointing out the condition and defects noted.


Check Out

Equipped with the original inventory, our clerk will inspect the property and note any further defects and differences.


Interim Inspections

Interim Inspections are systematically carried out every three months. The tenant should be advised of this at the start of the tenancy by the landlord or the letting agent.



Get a snagging service to owners of new properties which takes place before the main contractor “hands over” the property to the owner or the owner’s agent.



Attic Inventory offers you professional support when you need it, with experienced clerks, customer support and management teams in place to create a hassle-free experience.

For more information on any of our property inventory services in the greater London area, contact us and speak to a friendly staff member. 

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