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Chelsea Inventory Services

Attic Inventory provides professional property inventory services in Chelsea for apartments and houses, including:  

Enquire now and get the best value for money from the River Thames up to Knightsbridge.

Protecting Your Chelsea Property

When engaging to rent your Chelsea property it's important to safeguard against the potential tenant threats of negligent or willful property damage. 

By ensuring you have a professional inventory compilation and a rock-solid Check-In / Check-Out process, signed and accepted by both parties, you build a foundation to settle any disputes. 

Should you find yourself in a court of law with an unfair tenant, these professional agreements are your basis of proof, without them it's a back and forth with no clear winner. 

With this in mind, you can clearly see the benefits of professional inventory services in Chelsea, for more information call us to speak to a friendly inventory clerk or enquire online now.

Chelsea Property Values

More than just a great football team, the area of Chelsea in South West London is home to one of the largest American communities outside the US, with 6.5% of Chelsea residents born in the United States. 

Here's a snapshot of the property prices:

Average Property Value


Average House Price


As one of the most sought-after areas in greater London, the home prices reflect the prestige. 

Here's what you can expect to pay based on the number of rooms you require: 

1   Bedroom - £379,474

2   Bedrooms - £721,561

3   Bedrooms - £1,193,452

4   Bedrooms - £1,844,583

5   Bedrooms - £3,750,000

6+ Bedrooms - £6,500,000

Average Flat Price


Property Price Range

£175,000 - £7,500,000

If you own a house in Chelsea and require property inventory services, Enquire Now.

Chelsea Rental Prices

Attic Inventory provides owners and tenants with professional Check-In and Check-Out services. 

The rental prices in Chelsea are as follows:

Average Rent Weekly


Rental Price Range pw

£245 - £6,950

If you are looking for a new property to rent the prices per bedroom below represent current market prices. 

     Studio - £322pw

1   Bedroom - £469pw

2   Bedrooms - £710pw

3   Bedrooms - £1,051pw

4   Bedrooms - £1,856pw

5+ Bedrooms - £2,916pw

If you require rental property inventory services, Enquire Now.

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