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How Professional Property Inventory Services Work

In this short guide we explain the step-by-step procedures for Inventory Clerks to follow to ensure letting agents and landlords receive professional property inventory services.

Inventory Compilation

When compiling an inventory list, the recommended order is to start with the front entrance and work your way through the property to the back.

The front entrance includes:

  • Front garden

  • Pathways

  • Features

  • Borders

  • Meter Boxes

  • Wheelie Bins

  • Recycling Bins

  • Driveway

Once the front entrance is complete finish in the back including garages, sheds and driveways if not included in the front entrance inspection.

Upon completion of the exterior move to the interior of the property and work your way through the residence in an orderly fashion so as to not miss any room or cupboard etc.

Once you have completed the room stand back and scan again to make sure you have not missed anything.

Take a series of photos as required providing proof of room condition and the contents therein. Make notes for any item(s) requiring further explanation.

Check In Services

Start by collecting the keys for the property from the letting agents or the landlord.

Meet the new tenant at the property and confidently explain the process to them so they have a clear understanding of what is about to happen.

Remember this may be a new experience for the tenant so be patient and talk clearly.

With the updated inventory compilation in hand, take the tenant through the property room by room and highlight any irregularities that may exist.

These could include:

  • Scuffs on walls

  • Marks on carpets

  • Stains on mattresses etc

By highlighting these irregularities to the tenant you display your thoroughness and help build confidence in the tenants mind that you have taken the time to do a professional job.

Keep in mind that the tenants main consideration at this time is that they will be protected come move in day in regards to the condition of the property.

Converse clearly with the tenant throughout this process and get their agreement as to the conditions stated.

Compile a "Check In Summary" report for the tenant explaining that this covers any major dilapidations to the the property as well as the overall cleanliness of the property.

Get the tenants signature on this document as proof of agreement / acceptance.

Scan this document and insert it into the property inventory report in the applicable position.

(Include all photographs in this report too.)

Email the completed inventory report to the agent/landlord.

If requested make 3 copies and send 1 to the agent, 1 to the landlord and 1 to the tenant.

Check Out Services

Meet the tenant at the property with a copy of the inventory compilation obtained from the landlord or letting agent, as changes may have been made to the original.

Note that it is not compulsory for the tenant to be present, so occasionally you may be alone.

Follow the format of the inventory and proceed confidently through the property noting any changes from the original.

Note that tenants may distract you with questions or try hide defects and dilapidations.

In this event listen attentively but remain on course with your inspection.

Should a tenant stand in the way of your inspection, ask them politely to move and continue accordingly.

You may need to do this with a firm tone to get the point across.

Move any items placed on worktops and lift rugs to inspect the surfaces beneath them.

Upon completion of your inspection ask the tenant if professional cleaners have been used in the property, if so ask the tenant for receipts.

Also explain to the tenant that in the case of cleaning disputes, they have the right to ask the cleaning company to rectify the situation.

If the tenant has cleaned the property themselves, allow them the time to rectify any areas that are not in accordance with the original state of the property when they moved in.

Inform the tenant that in the event the property condition cannot be returned to the original condition, professional cleaners may be required to help rectify the situation.

If a property is professionally cleaned when they move in, it must be professionally cleaned when they move out.

Receipts will need to be produced accordingly.

(Most letting contracts require professional cleaning throughout the Check In and Check Out process)

Compile a Check Out summary signed by the tenant indicating that they agree with your comments.

Take the keys from the tenant and compare to the Check In report to confirm the correct number of keys are returned.

Remember you are responsible for the keys from the time they are given to you until you hand them over to the agent/landlord or next tenant.

It is advisable to get the name of the person you hand the keys over to in the event they misplace them.

Check all keys work in the locks and don't merely accept the tenants word that they belong to the property.


The property inventory process is important to the letting agents, landlords and tenants.

These reports may be used in a court of law should a tenant dispute exist.

It is therefor critical that you do a meticulous job to ensure any disputes may be swiftly rectified by using the detailed inventory reports.

For more information on becoming a property inventory clerk you can visit the Academy page at Inventory Base, or The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks. (AIIC)

If you are a certified inventory clerk looking for employment opportunities in the Greater London area please feel free to contact us for more information.

If you require property inventory services in Greater London get in touch for a free quote.

Attic Inventory has provided professional property inventory services in the Greater London area since 2004, you can learn more About Us here.

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