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Do unfurnished properties require an inventory compilation?

If you are marketing an unfurnished property to rent, you may question whether an inventory compilation is required at all, after all the property has no furniture etc to document.

Let's think beyond the contents of a property and consider the condition of the property to start with.

What if a new tenant decides they don't like the colour of the walls for example, and decide to paint them their favourite shade of their granny's lavender?

Without an inventory report highlighting the "Schedule of Condition" with professional photographs, the letting agent or landlord will have no proof the walls were a beautiful neutral colour to begin with.

What if the property has carpets which beyond fair wear and tear are highly likely to be damaged in some way or another during the move in and occupation period?

Where would the evidence they were in good condition at rental commencement come from?

Other high value items to consider include:

  • White good (fridges etc)

  • Doors / Door Frames

  • Windows

  • Locks

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Light Fittings

  • Electrical Sockets

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings

If no proof of condition exists for these you run the risk of costly repairs if damaged or broken.

What if the tenant leaves the property in a dirty mess, who's to say it was originally clean?

In summary if you are willing to let a property without a detailed inventory report, why ask the tenant for a deposit at all?

In the event of damage or condition dilapidation without documented proof highlighting the original condition it will be your word against that of the tenant, which seldom ends in a fair and just settlement.

Are you willing to take the risk?

For more information and a free quote for unfurnished property inventory services contact us today and an experienced inventory clerk will happily assist you.

Attic Inventory has provided professional inventory services in the Greater London area since 2004 and boasts a five star reputation in the market.

Should you have any more questions regarding inventory related services, contact us for support.

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