London Property Inventory Services

Professional Inventory Clerks in Greater London


Why Choose Attic Inventory?

When you need professional inventory services in the greater London area, you need to work with experienced clerks. 

Attic Inventory has more than 15 years experience in London providing the highest levels of service and reporting in the market. 

  • Fast, Professional Reporting

  • Online Management System

  • Short Notice Bookings

  • Detailed Photographs

  • No Cancellation Fees

  • 15+ Years Experience

  • Single Document Reporting

Inventory Compilation

A professional inventory compilation helps safeguard your most important asset in the event of a tenancy dispute, including: 

  • Negligence

  • Accidents

  • Willful Damage

  • Time


Check-In / Check-Out

An experienced inventory clerk will meet the new tenant at the property upon Check-In and work through the inventory with them, pointing out the condition and defects noted.

Equipped with the original inventory upon Check-Out, the clerk will inspect the property and note any defects and differences to be made aware of.

Inspections & Snagging

Attic Inventory carries out Interim Inspections every three months to ensure your most important asset is being looked after as agreed.

Furthermore our snagging service for new property owners provides peace of mind prior to the "hand over" from the main contractor representing the property owner or agent.


Property Owners Love Us

Can I just say that this property inventory was extremely thorough! And it was one of the best I have seen.

Frank Carey

Inventory Reporting Service in The Greater London Area

Attic Inventory Limited is an independent inventory service provider in London and surrounding areas.


Our mission is to assist in effective property management by conducting thorough property inspections and providing comprehensive inventory reports and snagging reports.


We personally inspect all properties, meet with tenants and conduct the inspections ourselves - ensuring that all inventory reports are complete, accurate, unbiased and legally sound.

Our inventory clerks are professionally trained and backed by an administrative support staff that provide you with in-depth inventory reports including pictures and even video if required. 

Property Inventory London

Property Inventory is a detailed report of the assets within your property and the condition thereof.


Our experienced inventory clerks work in the greater London area and provide professional reporting services including itemising and photographing every aspect of your property's content.


When choosing an inventory clerk perfect for your property, remember it is more important to select based on experience and professional reporting, than price alone.


The last thing you want is to use an inexperienced property clerk because they were the cheapest option and tend up with incomplete or sub-standard reporting of your inventory.